What is a Destination Management Company (DMC)?

The travel industry is a very big place. You may have worked in it for many years and still never heard of a destination management company. If you haven’t, though, you could be missing out on some important business opportunities. 

A destination management company is an enterprise that manages a range of products and services at a popular travel destination. Put very simply, they’re the companies that make travel experiences work. Whether you’re looking for someone to provide a safari trip, coach tours, cruises, catering or just about any other travel service you can name, it’s a DMC that makes it happen.

DMCs are usually smaller, local organizations that have been on the ground at a destination for years. They bring crucial local knowledge and experience to a travel enterprise, giving international partners the insight they need to create safe and exciting products.

What services can they help me with?

Name any travel experience and you’ll find a DMC out there that can provide it for you. The obvious services they provide are travel experiences that might require specialized equipment or skills, like coach tours, flotilla holidays or safaris. But they can also provide a huge range of smaller services that make the holiday planning experience a lot smoother. These include things like airport pickups and transfers, accommodation bookings, vehicle rental, catering or event management. If you’re looking to provide a really unique experience, such as bungee jumping, rainforest hikes or exclusive entry to local sights, the easiest way to provide it is by going through a DMC.

Why work with a DMC?

Destination Management Companies have two crucial benefits: they’re experts in the local area and specialists in the particular services that they offer. That means that you, as a travel professional, don’t have to be. Working with a DMC allows you to book any experience in any location around the world in the confidence that it will be delivered safely and to a high standard. 

However, the benefits don’t end there. Most DMCs have been running their travel businesses successfully for decades. That means they have localized knowledge about what works and what doesn’t in their region. They know that this road is usually flooded in summer, or that the best views of that valley are at sunrise – the secrets that you simply can’t know. That allows you to create better travel experiences that are more likely to do well in a competitive market.

Finally, many DMCs operate a huge range of different services or have partners that do so. That means that they can act as a one-stop shop when you’re creating a travel package. Bring on a DMC partner and there’s a good chance they can book just about everything you’ll need.

Who hires a DMC?

DMCs are a critical piece of the puzzle for international travel agents. If you’re building a travel product with inclusive services, a destination management company will help you put all the pieces together and plug any logistical gaps. They’re also perfect if you’re building something completely new for the market; they’ll offer a great perspective on the most successful travel experiences in the region.

DMCs are also ideal if you’re creating bespoke travel packages for an exclusive clientele. The huge range of services they provide allows you to be more flexible and plan more complex itineraries. And when your client’s needs change, the DMC is there to help you adapt on the fly, providing services as and when you need them.

DMCs are a big help no matter how you work. To learn more about what DMCs can do for you here, take a look at our services page. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

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For decades, the individual members of our carefully selected team have been at the forefront of the creation and delivery of world-class live experiences for Incentives, Meetings, Events and high end Luxury FITs, travelling to and within the Arabian Gulf. 2xceed draws on its vast network of key partners and only the best of suppliers, to create customised turn-key solutions and exceptional experiences for our clients.

 In an ever-evolving and challenging world, demanding new travel and event experiences, it takes a keen eye and constant review of what destinations offer, not only to meet, but more importantly, exceed the offering for today’s and tomorrow’s discerning customer. This is the ethos of 2xceed – it’s our name, it’s our mantra, it’s our mission.

 Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism

Mr. Mike Hummel, Jan Kaspar Rienermann

4foreverything is an event management company with more than 10 years of experience in the design and production of events, fairs, and congresses and in the creation of stands both nationally and internationally.

We work with national and international brands, PCO’s and venues creating and producing meaningful experiences for their clients.

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Our DMC agency started over 30 years ago. In  those 30 years we learned, we grew and we developed a rock solid  foundation of experience and a reputation for innovative travel ideas,  which we still look to improve.

Creative Minds Playing at Work defines our work ethic.  We  seek to inject a sense of fun and adventure into every aspect of a  guest’s travel experience. From a surprise refreshment stall on the side  of a dusty road to a three-piece string quartet on the beach, we go to  great lengths to ensure travel with Abenteuer Afrika Safari is a  unique and memorable adventure.

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Abramar DMC, we have more than 15 years of experience in the sector, and we have been continuously searching for different and innovative ideas capable of surprising our clients since the very start.

That is why we still have clients who have been growing with us since day one, with the reassurance that quality, creativity and integrity are our hallmarks.

We create innovative, surprising events, adapted to the needs and interests of those requesting them.

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Spain is known as a perfect destination and Absolute specializes in the Balearics Islands (Mallorca, Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera) and all the mediterranean starting from Barcelona, continuing with Valencia and all Andalucia (Malaga, Sevilla, Marbella).

Absolute has the “Know How” of the business and understand the importance of exceeding the client’s expectations. More than 30 years of experience guarantees they know with whom and how to work(suppliers), what and how to organize the excellent event.

Absolute guarantees unique experiences when you visit the country, unique places, with great weather mostly all year, good flight connections and amazing gastronomy. So we invite you to discover where your next MICE event will be!

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– ALPCORD Network is a progressive organization with an extensive network of associate offices all over India

– Core Areas of Work – Destination Management, Meeting Planner, Professional Conference Organizer, Association Management, Incentive & Corporate meetings

– Managed by professionals with over 40 years of experience in MICE segment

– Handled more than 1500 Conferences and Meetings ranging from 100 – 12000 Delegates.

– Business Travel – Handle Foreign Delegations Visit to India.

– Well equipped to meet the diverse needs of conference handling.

– Recognized by Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India. 


Chetan Manshamarani and Chander Manshamarani